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Arne Jacobsen Style Super Elliptical Table L180cm


Originally designed in 1968 by Arne Jacobsen, the super elliptical dining table was based on a formulated approach to design where there were no ends. It was thought that the super elliptical table was the most democratic in that due to its shape everyone has an equal position. Our Arne Jacobsen Style Super Elliptical dining table is made to the specifications of this original design and comfortably seats 6-8 people. With soft lines and a simple yet elegant appearance, the super elliptical table will look fantastic in you kitchen or dining room.

Our replica Arne Jacobsen Super Elliptical Dining Table combines an American oak top veneer with solid edge banding and stainless steel legs while the elongated, exaggerated top pulls away from boring square or circle top tables and creates a piece that's a little left of centre. More than just a table, it's an accessory that you can dress up any way you like!

  • Width 180cm x Depth 120cm x Height 71cm